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Whether you are interested in a canoe trailer, kayak trailer, or some other type of sport trailer, please, help us design your sport trailer. Use the Trailer Design Assistant below to let us know how you would like to use your trailer.

Please look over our Past Trailers and Trailer Accessories pages to get a good idea of the types of trailers that we offer.

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Select that you understand that shipping can be a significant expense that will be charged to you. Expect roughly $1.50 per mile from the postal code of 83813. You can go to google maps put in our zip code and get directions to yours to find the miles, then multiply that by $1.50 to get a very rough estimate on shipping.

We do our best to find the least expensive way to have the trailers delivered. $1.50 per mile is the average amount that we've found recently for trucking. Our zip code is 83813 if you'd like to get an idea on what shipping will cost.

Shipping charges are extra -- we will get an estimate for you if you let us know where you are located.

Map of North America marking North Woods Trailers location

4 Trailers headed out to California for Idaho location.