Trailer Design Assistant

Whether you are interested in a canoe trailer, kayak trailer, or some other type of sport trailer, please, help us design your sport trailer, please fill out the Trailer Design Assistant below to let us know how you would like to use your trailer. 

Please look over our Base Trailers and Trailer Options pages to get a good idea of the types of trailers that we have. 

Let us know how you want to use your sport trailer

Include the types of equipment and gear you would like to carry. For instance, paddles, PFDs, food, clothing, tents etc. If there is a model that we have listed in the trailers section that you are interested in please include the model name and any of the accessories we offer in the comments field.

Knowing how many canoes, kayaks and SUPs and their length, width, and height/depth is important to the design your sport trailer. If you know the make and model of the boats we can also look most of that information up for you. Some manufacturers have different lengths with the same model name, so please include the length of the canoe/kayak as well.

We purchase most of the base frames of our trailers from EZ Loader Boat Trailers in Spokane Washington and then add our accessories to the frames. With the pandemic and supply chain issues there have been delays in them getting our trailers to us.

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