North Woods Trailer Models

Canoe trailers, kayak trailers, SUP trailers, we offer a multitude of trailer types for our customers. Please scroll through the trailers below to find a size and type of trailer you’re interested in. Each of the trailer base models offers a different combination of trailer frame and different sized trees, storage solutions, and accessories for your equipment that can be added to the base trailer.

We have trailers in various places across North America. To see where we’ve sent out our trailers click on our map link.

Place Trailer Models

The 2, 4 6 and 8 place trailers refer to the number of canoes that our trees can hold. Generally, they can hold 2 kayaks for each place, depending on the width of the kayak, whether you are utilizing J-Racks or not, etc.

Once you have found something that you are interested in, please fill out our Design Assistant Once we receive the design assistant  we will send out a quote and start the conversation of getting your trailer designed for you.

Canoe trailers being shipped out 2 different trailer models
Load of trailers being sent off to a Boy Scout group in California.